Wild Rosebuds


Rosebuds that are gathered by villagers from a small village in the heart of Anhui Province, China. Collected from wild rose bushes that grow in the surrounding forests, these rosebuds supplement the villagers' income from tea. Whilst often used as an additive, when infused alone these rosebuds produce a soft and delicate rose character that's very pleasant and soothing.

Product Profile
INGREDIENTS:-Luxury Wild Rose Buds
ORIGIN:-Anhui Province, China. Grown: 1500 - 3500 ft above sea level.
LEAVES:-Wild Grown First Flower Buds
AROMA:-Delicate soft rose
COLOUR:-Light with pinkish hues
TASTE:-Pleasant and soothing with soft rose character
WELL BEING:-Relaxing

STRENGTH:-Light Bodied