PROJECT 2 - Street Education


There are public schools in the Philippines and in Sri Lanka but many of the most marginalised children don't attend them as they are either not close enough to get to without incurring travel costs, or if they do live within walking distance, the additional costs involved for uniforms, lunches, books and materials, fees and other incidentals completely prohibit access for those children living on the margins.

Additionally, educationally at-risk children often live with and around adults who lack the understanding of the importance of education and are unable to promote its value.

Planned programmes aim to get children into full-time education by paying for the costs involved and monitoring each child's attendance and progress.

We have already made a start with this project with our first children enrolled into full-time education in September 2016.

We will only enrol children when we are confident we can support them for the full term of their education as doing otherwise we consider to possibly be more harmful to their development than not putting them into school in the first place!