Izu Matcha Green Tea


Matcha green tea has been ceremoniously used over the centuries to celebrate the belief held by the Japanese that tea is a gift from the heavens and has spiritual and restorative properties. Known as Chanoyu, the Japanese tea ceremony is still honoured today and modern analysis of Matcha confirms how special a green tea this is. For example, just two cups of brewed Matcha green tea has nearly 20g of calcium and seven times more antioxidants of the same amount of orange juice.

Matcha green tea isn't just kept today for tea ceremonies. As the health benefits associated with green tea grows, Matcha is now found in health food shakes, ice cream, Matcha lattes, bread and many other foods.

Ingredients: 100% Green tea.

Origin: Zhejiang Province, China and the Nandi Highlands, Kenya.

Caffeine: Approximately 68g per cup.

Leaves: Fine Matcha made from luxury grade green tea and Gyokuro leaves.

Aroma: Light and fresh.

Colour: Bright green.

Taste: Thick with a jammy-like smoothness and light astringent finish.

Well-being: Detoxed, energised, refreshed balanced.