Sunshine Orange Rooibos


What better fruit to combine with the sweet profile of Rooibos tea than oranges? Sunshine in a cup has been the way some have described our Sunshine Orange Rooibos - and they didn't just mean the name! Delightfully fresh with the taste of succulent sun ripened oranges, we feel sure this will be a non-caffeinated infusion you'll enjoy time and time again. Great as either an afternoon iced refresher or brewed hot in the evenings for a soothing comforter. You choose when you want the sunshine!

INGREDIENTS:-Luxury Rooibos, Safflower Petals, Calendula Petals, Orange Pieces & Natural Flavours
ORIGIN:-Cederberg, South Africa. Grown: 1500 - 2500ft above sea level
LEAVES:-Choice Grade 1 Rooibos. Deep red leaves.
AROMA:-Fresh sweet oranges
COLOUR:-Reddish orange to full red colour - depends on brewing time and quantity used.
TASTE:-Delightful fresh orange taste.
WELL BEING:-Relaxing
WELL BEING:-Refreshing
STRENGTH:-Medium Bodied