Project 2 - Philippines


Street Tea was started after a visit to Manila where the grinding poverty is obvious and far too many children and young people live on the streets.

Childhope Philippines is an NGO working to promote the welfare and rights of the children living on the streets of Manila, whilst also delivering direct service programmes in health, education and social services.

During the pandemic much of the NGO's resources were directed towards delivering meals and essential supplies to the growing number of children and families living on the street as a result of the pandemic. The Philippines is thought to be the last country to reopen its schools after the start of the pandemic and in March 2022, after more than 18 months, most of the schools reopened their doors to those fortunate enough to have been enrolled to attend.

Their projects include a mobile van that delivers basic literacy and numeracy classes, psychosocial interventions for completely neglected and abandoned children, mobile health clilnics and skills development sessions to improve opportunities in life.

Street Tea makes a regular donation to support their vital work.