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Project 3 - India


Children In Need India (CINI) was started 47 years ago by Dr Samir Chaudhuri, a paediatrician who lived through famines and drought in the bay of Bengal. As a result of seeing the catastrophic effect of lack of nutrition and clean water for children he started CINI, focusing on proper healthcare and nutrition for women and children in poor communities.

As India's infrastructure developed, CINI moved away from providing frontline support where possible and instead now focuses on working to raise community expectations and confidence, connecting women and children with proper support and bolstering existing government services. CINI works holistically in partnership with community members to tackle four key issues relating to health, nutrition, education and protection.

Why help mothers in India? One child in every 14 dies before the age of five (UNICEF) and half of these deaths are caused by malnutrition.

Street Tea is getting involved with the Sponsor a Mother programme which is at the heart of CINI's work. It has been set up to intervene in the first 1,000 days of a child's life. The programme ensures proper healthcare support that includes:

  • access to midwife care and hospital delivery
  • proper antenatal care and support with nutrition and supplements
  • access to postnatal care as well as access to immunisation programmes
  • help with safe breastfeeding and weaning

The programmes also work with husbands, families, midwives and community workers to help them understand the huge benefits of supporting mothers.