Project 4 - Brazil


Brazil is a beautiful country, rich in culture, languages and customs but despite having the ninth biggest economy in the world, six out of every ten children in Brazil live in poverty (UNICEF).

Brazil continues to be severely affected by Covid-19 and is the country whose people are most affected by the pandemic, putting more pressure on the country's poorest people.

Street Tea has acquired a premises in Sao Sebastiao/DF where it will work with the fledgling Melhorando Vidas! to give children and families most affected by poverty a safe place to receive supplementary education, support to alleviate food insecurity, access to vitamins and minerals and the means required to attend and participate fully at school.

We also intend to establish a 1,000 days of life project, supporting young, single pregnant women with antenatal and postnatal care, giving the child the best possible start in life.