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Project 4 - Brazil


Brazil is a beautiful country, rich in culture, languages and customs but despite having the ninth biggest economy in the world, six out of every ten children in Brazil live in poverty (UNICEF).

We are looking to relieve poverty in Sao Sebastiao/DF, an area severely affected by poverty and food insecurity. Whilst this is currently a very fledgling project, we intend to replicate the Sri Lankan model, but with emphasis on after-school activities as the school days are short and with very little to do in the area, the children are often left outside while their care-giving adults are away working. It is an opportunity to keep the children safe, fed and engaged with education and learning broader life skills.

Our plans have in Brazil have been adversely affected by the pandemic but, like with all great ideas, we need to concentrate on income generations as there is much work to be done and the project will only start when we have the income to sustain it. We remain very optimistic.