High Mountain Ali Shan Oolong


High Mountain Alishan is grown around 1000m above sea level and has a unique flavour described by the growers as floral with a creamy delicacy that spreads across the tongue, leaving a pleasant smooth taste on the palate.The infusion of the leaves is almost magical as they unfurl from their curled 'cocoon' like shapes to produce a most delightful light golden liquor. As with most oolongs, the leaves can be infused multiple times.

Product Profile
INGREDIENTS:-Premium Oolong Tea
ORIGIN:-Mount Ali Shan, Taiwan Grown: Approx 3,300ft above sea level
CAFFEINE:-Approx between 20 - 30mg per cup
LEAVES:-Highest Grade handpicked leaves that are pan fried, rolled, dried and finally baked. Fermentation (oxidation) 15 -25%
AROMA:-Wonderfully light with fragrant notes
COLOUR:-Light golden liquor
TASTE:-Light, slightly floral, creamy cup with pleasant smooth taste
WELL BEING:-Cleansing
FLAVOUR:-Slightly Floral
STRENGTH:-Light Bodied