STREET TEA - Projects


We are at the start of an exciting initiative. We believe that rather than accepting the things we cannot change, we are going to try to change some things we cannot accept.

It cannot be acceptable that there are millions of children who live in extreme poverty, without access to secure and safe housing or access to clean water and sanitation services, without the guidance and protection of responsible adults and without the means to access medical care and education.

We have made small contributions to the work of NGOs working with street children in Metro Manila, Philippines, and have also supported the work of Qhubeka, a South African not-for-profit organisation, all doing much needed work within the poorest communities and we wish them the very best for all the excellent work they are doing.

In 2020 we have focused on establishing two projects. The first is a learning and resource centre in Weligama, Sri Lanka, that supports the poorest children, provides food, vitamins and minerals to tackle malnourishment and encourages learning and hope and ultimately independence in later life.

The second project is in Sao Sebastiao, Brazil, and we are excited to report that in December 2020 we will take ownership of the premises from where we will be able to formally start our work. The need is great and overwhelming in both areas but with the profit on the sale of tea, we will make an impact on children's lives.

It is essential that the money generated by Street Tea is spent in ways that have the highest impact, that the outcomes of the initiatives are measurable and that the projects are guided by the principles of effective altruism. We are taking small steps forward but have big ideas, using profit generated to effect change where otherwise it would not happen.

Although we are at the early stages of our projects we are encouraged by Mark Twain who said, "the secret of getting ahead is getting started". He also said, "kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see".

Thank you again for your support!