The name Oolong originates from the Chinese for Black Dragon which stands as testament to the high esteem in which this particular type of tea is held in the East. Oolong tea usually originates from China or Taiwan and it is enjoyed for both its flavour and its health benefits.

Oolong tea lies somewhere between the strengths characteristic of green tea and black tea, although its flavour will depend on the type of Oolong tea, its growing processes, its geographic origin and its production after picking. Different traditions always lead to different characteristics, although the sheer quality of Oolong tea is always evident.

Oolong tea is considered by many to have a range of health benefits including a positive effect on digestion. Drinking Oolong teas can help to contribute to your general well-being, although you should always look to find a type of Oolong tea with a flavour that suits your palette.