Street Tea Products


Street Tea aims to bring you excellent teas and infusions from some of the world's tea masters on high quality plantations all over the world.

All of the Street Tea products are sourced from member organisations of the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP). This means that the tea comes from estates that have the health, housing, education and childcare provision for their plantation workers at the top of their agenda, minimising exploitation that is all too prevalent on many plantations across the world.


Our teas have been picked at the peak of the season and to ensure it reaches our customers as fresh as it can possibly be, the teas have been nitrogen flushed and vacuum sealed.

Once opened, we can guarantee that all teas will be fresh for two years and if unopened loose tea will stay fresh for ten years and pyramid teabags fresh for four years.

Street Tea packaging has been produced with the least environmental impact and where possible all packaging used is recycled and biodegradable.

Let's start to brew!