Kenyan Safi White Matcha


At 6500ft above sea level in the Nandi Highlands in Kenya, this white tea is carefully grown. Only the youngest leaves are gently plucked before being made into a truly, exceptionally smooth matcha as the white tea leaves are slowly ground using a traditional stone mill. Full of antioxidants and polyphenols when brewed, Kenyan Safi White Matcha tea produces a really crisp flavour with warm mossy notes and a hint of oolong. Great as a traditional matcha, a matcha latte, or blend with ginger, lime honey and ice for a superb iced matcha tea.

Ingredients: 100% pure White tea.

Origin: Nandi Highlands, Kenya. Grown at 6500ft above sea level.

Caffeine: Approximately 35mg per cup.

Leaves: Fine Matcha grade 10-16 micron.

Aroma: Slightly flora.

Colour: Pale olive/cream.

Taste: A thick, rich taste with hints of grass and oolong notes.

Well-being: Detoxed, refreshed, inspired and different.